Frequently Asked Questions

How can I extend the life of my equipment and assure it is operating at peak efficiency?
This one is easy. Have your Heating and Air Conditioning equipment serviced every year by a qualified service company like:
                            Emery Heating & Cooling
When should I change my furnace filter?
We suggest changing your filter every 60 days unless you use 4" wide high efficient pleated filters, then it is once a year. Remember, these are rules of thumb. If you have pets or active children the load on your filter could increase.
How do I change my filter?
Locate filter rack (usually on side of furnace) and verify size of filter. Shut switch off (on side of furnace) and wait for blower to stop turning. Remove old filter and install new one with directional arrow on filter pointing toward the furnace. Dispose of old filter carefully as it contains fine dusts and materials you will not want to breath. Turn switch back on.
Are cheap fiberglass filters OK to use?
Good question!  If you hold the filter up to the light and you can see through the you ever ask yourself how it could filter dust out of the air?
They don't at first, but the longer they collect dust the denser the filter becomes until finally it does a pretty good job, right before it plugs up. The other problem is the more you try to keep a clean filter the more dust you are letting through to your home. Not to mention the dust being sucked into your equipment.
We suggest always using pleated filters and changing them on a regular schedule. Dirty filters cost money in service repair and efficiency loss.
Should I cover my outdoor condenser in the winter?
Covering your outdoor unit can cause condensation in the electrical compartment and premature failure of components. Worse yet, if the air conditioning gets turned on while covered, the unit could be severely damaged or destroyed.
Can I put screen over my PVC flue pipes.
Not suggested.  Moisture can collect on screen, freeze and cause furnace to fail.
How far should I set back my programmable thermostat
An average winter setback is 60* . The ideal setback would be if the furnace did not come back on until morning. We would not suggest lower than 50*.
In the summer you turn it up as far as you can and still get a good night sleep, approx. 78*
Why is my thermostat screen blank?
Possible disruption of electrical service to furnace. Possible dead batteries in thermostat. Possible failed thermostat. If you change your batteries and screen is still blank, give us a call.
What does HVAC stand for?
HVAC (Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning)